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Student Introduction to Engineering

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign - 2023

Decide if Illinois is the right fit for you

SITE is a two-day, interactive and informational program offered to high school seniors. This year SITE will be an IN PERSON EVENT!

Invitations are distributed to admitted applicants of the College of Engineering. This is a unique opportunity to explore and experience life as an engineering student here in Urbana-Champaign.

We promise no sugarcoating and no sales pitch. From day one, we show you everything Illinois has to offer to your education, social circles, and personal growth. Be curious with us and we will be candid with you.


Program Details

Department Tours

Learn more about your preferred engineering departments and hear from both faculty and students.

Engineering in Action

Explore many of the College of Engineering's resources available to its students.

Design Contests

Participate in various team challenges with fellow SITE students as a first step in your engineering career.

Panel Discussions

Engage in exclusive Q&A sessions with engineering students about their research, internship, and study abroad experiences.

Student Organizations

Hear from clubs and organizations open for students to join on campus and how these groups can shape your college career

Student Life

Interact with current students and learn more about any and all aspects about life at UIUC and as an engineer

2023 Timeline

Feb 1: SITE invitations sent out
March 23-25: SITE!!!
Jan 27: Admissions decisions sent out
SITE decisions sent out

About Us

This program is organized and run by members of Engineering Council, a student-run umbrella organization of UIUC's engineering societies.

Our goal is to aid high school seniors in one of the most important decisions of their careers.

The SITE committee is composed of UIUC students representing various years of schooling and engineering disciplines.

Each fall semester, we design a fresh schedule for the upcoming program in the spring.


Sophia Pizarro - Volunteers Chair

I'm Sophia. I'm from Chicago, IL, and a junior studying Environmental Engineering. This is my second year on the SITE committee. I'm also involved as the Vice President Internal of the Philippine Student Association on campus, do photoshoots with the Fashion Network, and am an Engineering Student Admissions Representative. My favorite hobbies include cooking with friends, playing Animal Crossing, and longboarding.

soapy - Sophia Pizarro.jpg

Shreya Sharma - Director of SITE

I have been involved with SITE and STEMx since my freshman year and was also a participant as a senior in high school! Outside of Engineering Council, I am involved in CS course staff. After graduation, I will be joining Squarespace as a software engineer. I also enjoy working out, playing tennis, and eating good food!

Shreya Sharma Headshot - Shreya Sharma.jpg
Gindorf2020-0804 - Joie Gindorf.jpg

Joie Gindorf- Design Competition Chair

I'm Joie! I am a junior studying Civil and Environmental Engineering with a primary in Construction Engineering and Management. Outside of SITE, I am involved in Engineering Outreach Bureau, another committee in Engineering Council. I am also a member of Student Alumni Ambassadors, my social sorority, and Chi Epsilon civil engineering honors fraternity. A fun fact about me is that I attended SITE in February 2020 and made the decision to attend Illinois while I was there!

Maddie Rydell - Activities Chair

My name is Maddie and I am currently a junior studying industrial engineering! I am going to be one of the activities chairs for SITE this year. Outside of SITE, I am involved with SWE as the Co-Director of Outreach as well as I am in the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers. I am really excited to be a part of the planning for SITE this year and I'm really looking forward to the event!

5D44BFD1-0F34-4C13-B727-8E776830E404_1_201_a - Maddie Rydell.jpeg

Kiran Kaur - Webmaster

Hi, I'm Kiran! I'm a junior in Industrial Engineering! I'm the Webmaster for SITE this year! I'm involved with multiple committees in Engineering Council including Engineering Outreach Bureau and Engineering Open House and love to be as involved as possible! Outside of EC, I'm the Membership Director for Open Source at Illinois and the Events Coordinator for the Indian classical music organization on campus (SPICMACAY). I'm also part of the Institute for Industrial and Systems Engineers. I'm super excited for SITE this year!

IMG-0036 - Krishna Rao.jpg

Krishna Rao - Activities Chair

Hello! My name is Krishna and I'm a sophomore in Chemical Engineering from Palatine, IL. This is my first year on the SITE committee, but I am involved in similar activities in Engineers Without Borders and the Society of Asian Scientists & Engineers (SASE)! In my free time, I really enjoy cooking and baking, getting dinner with friends, and listening to music. A fun fact about me is that I have been a bobarista for two years!

B6D3EF92-A4F5-43E2-8793-7BA3B653C027 - Elizabeth Farah.jpeg

Elizabeth Farah - STEMx Internal Coordinator

Hi! I’m Elizabeth, a sophomore in industrial engineering. I am the Internal Coordinator for STEMx on the SITE committee. Some other clubs I’m involved with are other committees on Engineering Council as well as Society of Women Engineers and Youth Water Initiative. In my free time, I enjoy rollerblading and listening to music. Excited to experience SITE events this year!

Brennen Thomas - Design Competition Chair

I'm Brennen. I'm originally from Carterville, IL, and am a Junior studying Chemical Engineering. This is my second year on the SITE committee, and I look forward to planning and implementing challenging and fun design contests for our prospective students. Outside of SITE, I serve as an undergraduate research assistant in an organic chemistry laboratory, the President of REACT (a chemistry outreach program on campus), and a tour guide for the school of engineering. Outside of school, I love listening to music, embroidering, and hiking.

C0F06CA0-5A54-429E-B229-306AB1F5A824 - Brennen Thomas.jpeg

Liam Crandall - STEMx External Coordinator

I'm Liam. I'm a sophomore in Engineering Physics from California. While this is my first year on SITE, I have also worked as an undergraduate research assistant and serve as the Co-Director for engineering campus tours. Outside of these roles, I enjoy spending my time learning to cook, watching movies, and attending Illinois Basketball games with friends.

Vidya Bharadwaj - Activities Chair

I'm Vidya, a freshman studying computer science and EC SITE’s activities chair. At school, I am a part of Disruption Lab as a software engineer, a technology consultant in NOBE, and on the corporate committee at WCS. I am really passionate about the ethical implications of AI, bridging the gender gap in STEM, and am trained in the classical Indian dance form called bharatnatyam. I also love to vlog, try new foods, play water polo, and spend time with family and friends.

IMG_7477 - Vidya Bharadwaj.heic
Keys_Jacob Milo_vert (1) - Jacob Milo.jpg

Jacob Milo - Volunteers Chair

Hi, I'm Jacob. I'm a senior majoring in chemical engineering from Plainfield, IL. This is my third year on SITE, and I am the Volunteers Chair this year. Outside of SITE, I'm a part of the teaching staff for two different introductory STEM classes. In my free time, I like playing basketball, cooking, and playing board games with friends.

Grant Cho - Tours Chair

I am a junior studying aerospace engineering. I am the tours chair this year and I am more than excited to serve this position. On campus, I also served as an orientation leader for the New Student Programs so I am looking forward to connect with more future Illini and share my experiences with Grainger engineering. In my free time, I like to play golf, go hang out with friends, and watch Bob Ross videos!

Screen Shot 2021-02-01 at 12.31.39 AM - Grant Cho.png
Professional headshot square (2) - Vincent Ma.jpg

Vincent Ma - Banquet Chair

Hello! My name is Vincent and I am a junior studying aerospace engineering. This is my first semester on SITE and am very excited to plan SITE and STEMx! I am involved with the Illinois Space Society's NASA Micro-g NeXt competition, a senator for the Grainger College of Engineering as part of Illinois Student Government, the social committee and e-week for Engineering Council, the Events Coordinator for the National Organization for Business and Engineering at Illinois (NOBE), and NASA's virtual workforce academy (l'Space Mission Concept Academy). Outside of school you can find training for the next triathlon, swim meet, listening to Bruno Mars, or cooking in the kitchen.

Jennifer Grenier - Tours Chair

I'm Jennifer, a Junior studying mechanical engineering from Northbrook, Illinois. This is my first year on the SITE committee as a tours chair for SITE. Other than the SITE Committee, I am also involved in the Outreach Bureau in the Engineering Council, Baja Offroad-Illini, and SHPE. In my free time, I enjoy playing guitar, hiking, and hanging out with friends.

profile pic - Jennifer Grenier.jpg
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